MKOLIVECO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The grape seed oil is obtained by a cold-pressed process of the grape seeds.

MKOLIVECO produces and refines grape seed oil; this oil has a lot of good qualities for your health.

We produce and export it packaged and in bulk, to the main international markets, Italy, USA and South Korea.

Grape seed oil has high concentration of acid linoleic in its composition. It is pale in colour as well as delicate it is also rich in fatty oleic acids (15-20%) and linoleic (69-78%).


This oil is the only natural oil that can be heated at a very high temperature (188° C) without losing its nutritional characteristics. The food prepared with this oil is extremely juicy and pleasant to the taste. Grape seed oil is ideal for frying meat, fish and vegetables it also good for cold dishes.

Grape seed oil last longer, the combination between its ideal baking temperature and the characteristics of this oil make it long lasting compared to common oils.


Its high on no saturated fatty oils contents (70% and 90% linoleic acid ) for this reason this oil is the ideal product to have a healthy and balance diet.

The grape skin and specially its seeds contain a great quantity of catechinas, epicatechinas and procyanidins these are the best antioxidants. The laboratory researches have shown that the antioxidant effects from the procyanidin concentrated in the grape seeds is stronger than the E vitamin.